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One of Elvis' greatest attributes was his unbelievable example of generosity.

Elvis donated over $100,000 a year to his favorite charities, as well as giving away thousands of dollars more in gifts. Therefore, giving the gift of Elvis is a common vision we should all share and along the way, keep Elvis' memory positive. We then, at E I F will donate a portion of each gift subscription to Marian Cocke's charity at the Elvis Presley Memorial Dinner charity event. We will also give you, the gift giver, the following:

For each (2) gift subscriptions you send in at the same time, you will receive your choice of one of the following:

20th Anniversary Backstage Pass or 20th Anniversary T-shirt

Please Note: 1) Each gift subscriber must be someone who is not already a subscriber. 2) Advise us, as to which item you would like for yourself (backstage pass or T-shirt). If you choose the T-shirt, please specify the size. Available in large or X-large. 3) You must send in both gift subscriptions at the same time.

In traveling around the country, I've found that many times a subscriber will come up to me, introduce herself and rave about the magazine, while her close friend standing next to her speaks up and says, "What magazine?" So believe me, there are many Elvis fans out there that we should bring into the Elvis family of friends. Some may not know about the magazine, while others may not be able to afford a subscription.

Let's not keep it a secret. Call (2) friends today and ask if they're subscribers. If not, now is the perfect time to spread the love of Elvis with a gift subscription.

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